Monday, 19 of February of 2018

Just another typical day at the office…

Okay, well…not really. We don’t shoot commercials every day, but it is a pretty big part of what we do, and it is certainly one of my favorite parts of the job. Aside from the fact that it allows me to step away from my computer for a bit while I’m running up and down stairs with camera equipment, it’s also a ton of fun, but also a lot of hard work!

Andrea, Mike and Lisa setting up for the shoot

Testing, testing...white balance

In these photos, Andrea, Mike and I are on the set of a commercial that is set to air this week for one of our clients, Profile Bank. Without giving away the details of the commercial, we thought it would be fun to show you how we put it all together.

Setting the stage...

The camera equipment takes about a half hour to set up, sometimes longer depending on the amount of equipment needed for the shoot. We thought ahead and steam-ironed our customized back drop the previous day, in order to save us time on the day of the filming.

This ended up being an excellent idea, due to the fact that it was about 90 degrees that day, and we were filming on the uppermost floor of the building and had to turn off the AC during the shoot as the noise would have negatively affected the audio.

Last Wednesday morning, after a lot of thorough planning, endless creativity and a strong passion for what we do, we began filming the first part of the commercial.

Andrea applying makeup to our first commedian.

At about 8:45am, our first actress arrived to film her section of the commercial. She came equipped with a few different options for attire and a great attitude. It took a few takes to get it perfect, but she sure did!

The other 3 actors/actresses came in and played their parts over the course of the next couple of hours, and all in all, it was quite a successful morning.

Lights, Cameras...Action!

In the afternoon, Andrea, Jim and I headed over to the high school where we were filming the cheerleaders who were dressed in full uniform and holding up signs that pertained to our advertisement. Despite the incessant wind, it was a beautiful day to be on the football field, and the football coach was even nice enough to have his players move down the field a bit to let us use some of the field for our filming.

We wrapped it up at 4pm and headed back to the office, helped Jim pack up his equipment and load it into his car so he could head home to do some editing. What a day!

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