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Is the world ready for a Facebook movie?

It seems like yesterday that the only way to find out what your friends were up to was to bust down their door and demand an answer. People came and went, and only the best of friends stayed in touch. In such a small amount of time, that random person in your biology class has evolved from a stranger you never wanted to see again, to someone who you now know every detail about, right down to the specifics of their personal life, including where they are going out for dinner, what kind of day they’re having, maybe even what they were doing about 2 seconds ago. My, how time flies.

There have been several advances in technology that have lead to this change, but it is arguable that it was mostly due to the social networking medium –Facebook (with a small shout out to MySpace, of course).

What makes it seem as if time is going by even faster is the fact that a movie is already in the making about the origins of Facebook (as if it has been around since the beginning of time). Hollywood really doesn’t waste time anymore. Of course, why should they? Facebook has evolved from a small social site for college students to a worldwide social networking phenomenon (or obsession, in some cases) in a matter of just a few years. Now, friends and families from all over the world stay in touch; businesses can easily reach out to customers and total strangers can grow virtual farming crops with one another.

To put it simply, Facebook is here to stay.

So, here we are at last. Coming soon to a theater near you, is Facebook’s motion picture titled, “The Social Network”. The movie goes into detail about Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, (played by Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg) bringing a vivid display of all of his trials and tribulations in creating Facebook to the big screen. While a few may be crying, “Too soon!”, I personally believe that this could be quite an entertaining movie. The site is so imbedded into our daily lives, and I think it is important to take a step back and find out how it all began. A little history could be a good thing.

This is Hollywood, however, so we can assume a little spice will be added to that history. But, then, isn’t that why we go to the movies in the first place?

Expect a more detailed review from the Bresette team when the movie comes out October 1st.

Posted August 27, 2010 at 2:32 pm by Mike Pickowicz

Bresette lends support to RI non-profit

Early last week, Bresette + Company took a trip down to East Providence, RI, to shoot a fund-raising campaign video for the non-profit organization, Samaritans of Rhode Island, Suicide Prevention and Resource Center. Offering an array of caring services for friends and family members of suicide victims and/or at risk individuals, the Samaritans of Rhode Island is a genuinely compassionate and self-less organization. The main services offered include a 24-hour hotline/listening line managed by trained volunteers in the community, Safe Place Support Group, a free program open to adult family members, close friends and co-workers of people who have died by suicide, along with Outreach and Community Education and Youth & Teen Suicide Prevention Education offering public presentations to people in all areas of the community.

The video, directed and edited by Jim White of Spruce Creek TV, consists of several heart-felt testimonials of heart-wrenching stories told by a group of courageous individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide, along with explanation of why each individual came to the Samaritans for help and the abundance of support and services the Samaritans were able to provide them with. And, as hard as it was for me to listen to their stories of loss, heartbreak and helplessness, I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of any one of these individuals and being able to speak to the community as openly and with such strength as they each did.

They also had one additional message, that, in order for the Samaritans to continue to be there for the Rhode Island community in the way they had been there for each of the individuals interviewed, they need people to donate funds in order to keep the organization running. It was certainly an extremely moving day of interviewing, filming and reflection that will undoubtedly remain in my mind for a long time to come.

For more information on the Samaritans of Rhode Island and how to donate, you can view their website at

We’re shooting to complete the video for October 1st, 2010, as part of a fund-raising event for the organization.

Posted August 19, 2010 at 11:16 am by Lisa Edwards